About us

We are JW and Corna and we have lived in France since 2006.

One of the reasons that we have moved to France is because we want to enjoy the French lifestyle, we love nice meals and good wine.

We have a son and a daughter and three grand daughters who were all three born in 2006. Our son and his wife and their daughter live in the Netherlands and our daughter and her family  left the Netherlands in 2013 to start a Bed & Breakfast in the French Vosges, and with success.

From 2006 to 2011 we stayed in Auvergne. We bought a big barn and the two of us, we renovated the barn into a beautiful home. When the house was completely finished, we made new plans for the future. This is when got the idea to start a Chambres d’Hotes, also because JW hobby is cooking.

In 2010 we bought a piece of land in the Vosges and built our own Chambres d’Hotes .
After a year of planning we started building in March 2011 and La Tulipe was opened in May 2012.

Now JW spends his days in the kitchen to prepare delicious meals and Corna ensures that the guests lack nothing.

Since 2012 during the high seasons ,we are in the busy with our guests and in the low seasons we like to travel around France.

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